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( Why cruising the Great Loop is much-much more than just a great loop. )
This leg of your voyage is only 33 miles. That is. . . If you are sticking to the
Tennessee-Tombigbee route, and not taking a side trip to Nashville.
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Navigable year round, the Lower Cumberland winds 192 miles from Nashville to Smithland at
the Ohio River. It flows through ridges and valleys and is an absolutely beautiful cruise.  All total,
between Pine and Cumberland mountains. It flows through southern Kentucky, and crosses into
northern Tennessee.  The bulk of the traffic is to and from Nashville to the mouth. There are but
two barge terminals above Nashville , a DuPont Chemical dock just above Old Hickory L&D and a
TVA coal-fired steam power plant at  Gallatin, 54 miles above  Nashville. While the Cumberland is
technically navigable up to mile 381, (190 miles above Nashville) there is no commercial
commercial vessels.

Heading heading south just past Paducah you can start your journey from Green Turtle
Marina. From Green Turtle Marina you head south through Barkley Lake on the Cumberland.  
Barkley Lake State Park Marina is at mile marker 59.1. Clarksville  is at mile 126.1. From
Clarksville it is an easy 32 miles and 1 lock to Ashland City, and then another 32 miles to
Nashville. If you have the time, this is a great side-trip.

Nashville, Tennessee is located on the Cumberland river and is a great river city. They have a
nice riverfront with courtesy docks for those visiting the city by boat. There are plenty of
restaurants near the landing that is located right downtown. The river is quite narrow through
Nashville so when towboats are present it is wise to give them plenty of room.

Along your voyage on the Cumberland, you can head out to the Cherokee Steak House, and
cruise by Reba McEntire's home located just North of Lebanon, TN (30 miles east of Nashville) on
the Cumberland River. On your way there, you can cruise past the homes of Tanya Tucker,
Crystal Gayle, Barbara Mandrell, Ashley Judd, and Johnny Depp as well as Brad Pitt's fishing

From the Cumberland River at mile 33 you will enter the Barkley Canal. This is a one mile-long
canal that leads to Kentucky Lake on the Tennessee River, and on to the Tennessee-Tombigbee
Cumberland RIver
Green Turtle Bay
Mile Marker: 31.7

Buzzard Rock Marina
Mile Marker 39.5

Eddy Creek Marina
Mile Marker: 46.4

Clarksville Marina
Mile Marker 127

Rock Harbor Marine
Nashville - mile 175
At Cairo, you will leave the
Mississippi and cruise up the
Ohio River 47 miles and enter
the Tennessee River at
Paducah, or you can go
another 12 miles and enter the
Cumberland River. Both take
you to the same place. The
Tennessee River route is more
direct, and the Cumberland
route is more popular. The
Barkley Canal connects these
two routes just below Green
Turtle Marina.
Location - Location - Location
We've all heard what they say about location when it comes to real estate. The same for
sure applies to Marinas:
Hoppies, Green Turtle, and Bobbies Fish Camp are all important
marina locations for Loopers.  
If you have been reading "dated material" and think there is

Most Loopers take the Cumberland River route into Lake Barkley,
as there is more
commercial traffic on the Tennessee RIver, which at times can create longer delays at the Locks.

In either case, at the entrance to the Cumberland there is a safe anchorage for vessels that can
not make the distance during daylight.

Your route from the Tennessee River (via Kentucky Lake) will take you to Pickwick Lake
Lock and Dam, just beyond this point you will meet up with Yellow Creek. This is your cut-off to
the Tennessee-Tombigbee Waterway. From the entrance to the Tenn-Tom, you are 450 miles
from Mobile.

Demopolis marks the official end of the Tenn-Tom. From Demopolis it is 217 miles to Mobile and
Bobby's Fish Camp at mile 118.9 is your only fuel stop between the two.  
Thinking of a side-trip to

You will find hundreds of safe
and beautiful anchorages
along the Cumberland River.
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This route - the Tennessee - Tombigbee route VS the Lower Mississippi route:  As you
provides many wonderful things for boaters to convienently see and do. In addition, it provides
many wonderful things for boaters to convienently see and do. In addition, it offers offers
over 100 Marinas
between the Ohio River and the Gulf of Mexico, whereas the Lower Mississippi
river offers only two.
In addition, you will be boating in the most popular and beautiful inland lakes and river area in
the USA.
all the Marinas,
just the ones we have
stopped at.