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    Applying for a Government Grant either Federal or State, is free. No one should charge you a fee
for applying. In addition, no organization, company, individual or "professional grant writer" can
guarantee you will receive a Grant. This is simply impossible. DO NOT pay for any service that
makes such a guarantee.
    Every Government Grant requires you qualify. There is a 'standard' set of qualifications for all
government grants as well as 'each individual grant' contains it's own set of 'additional'
qualifications. These combined qualifications will depend on the specific type and purpose of the
Grant, as well as the goal of the Government agency (Federal or State) providing the funding

» Agriculture (53)
» Arts (see "Cultural Affairs" in CFDA) (3)
» Business and Commerce (14)
» Community Development (34)
» Consumer Protection (9)
» Disaster Prevention and Relief (14)
» Education (469)
» Employment, Labor and Training (28)
» Energy (46)
» Environment (170)
» Food and Nutrition (131)
» Health (1086)
» Housing (9)
» Humanities (see "Cultural Affairs" in CFDA) (23)
» Income Security and Social Services (214)
» Information and Statistics (9)
» Law, Justice and Legal Services (71)
» Natural Resources (126)
» Other (see text field entitled "Explanation of Other
Category of Funding Activity" for clarification) (102)
» Recovery Act (5)
» Regional Development (16)
» Science and Technology and other Research and
Development (446)
» Transportation (12)
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    Applying for a Government  Grant is easy. Receiving a Government Grant however, can be very difficult and complicated. What you need to know before
you apply is the key to submitting a successful application. This site was created to help those seeking Government Grants make their application
process the most successful it can possibly be. It is the combined work of the US Government.gov Dept. of Information Services and John C. Wright, one
of the foremost successful Government Grant experts in the field.
    Mr. Wright is a retired Senior Executive of Honeywell Information Systems Inc., and the most experienced professional in the preparation of
Government grants both for the Government and for Corporations seeking Government grants. With over 25 years experience, Mr. Wright has been  
responsible for more successful Government and Corporate grant applications than any other source or agency in the department's history.
There are over 25 Federal Agencies offering more than
100,000 grants in over 3,000 speciality areas. These
grants are available to individuals, small business and

  ALL the basic Government Grant qualifications include:

1. No Felony conviction - This includes, no felony
convictions on the part of the principal owner(s) and
includes all key personnel and individuals on the  
management team.

2. A Bank Account in good standing. You need at least a
one year history with a Bank account that is in good
standing. You want no insufficient checks, charge backs,
or overdraft fees.

3. You need an Attorney and a CPA on retainer. Your
business will need to show proof of both legal & financial

The major keys to writing a successful grant application
1. Business Plan - You need a good sound professional
looking Business Plan. This Business Plan must answer
every pertinent financial, legal, and operational question
regarding the success of your business.
  In addition to your "business" you must include
financial information on yourself as well as other key
personnel and management. It is important that the
Agency offering the Grant is made aware of your financial
ability and stability to succeed.   
Government Grants
    With the only exception being PELL GRANTS to
individuals for education, all government grants
require a individuals to have a good reputation.

1. NO FELONY CONVICTIONS - No Felony conviction on
the part of the principal(s) or owner(s) will be accepted.
This includes all key personnel and individuals on your
management team.
While a felony record on the individual or owner's part
will result in an immediate rejection, so to will a felony
that shows up on any other Key Partners,Principals or
Key  Management personnel. Therefore, before making
any application for a Grant, make sure you have covered
your bases. It is a good idea to run background checks on
all your Key personnel and Management staff.

    Obviously, it is always best to tell the truth.
Surprisingly however, it is amazing how so many Grant
applications are refused as a result of lying. It is one thing
to put your best foot forward and stretch the truth in your
favor. (Advertising firms, for example, are great at this.)
However, when it reaches the point where it becomes no
longer true at all - it makes no sense at all either. Little
"white lies" generally lead to bigger ones, and that's
where people and corporations find themselves in
    When it comes to the government "giving away
money" the immediate benefit or reasons may not be
known, and often don't make sense, or even appears silly
or stupid. Fact is however, the Government never
knowingly gives money to anyone that is not being

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